Quidco is a great way to save money.  It offers cashback on money that you spend online (and in stores).

When you register with Quidco you can browse all the various retailers that they have deals with, a lot of the big names are there such as eBay, Asda, and Expedia.

When you find a retailer you want to purchase from, click the link and shop as normal.  Getting 10% cashback on booking your holiday is great, or money back on your weekly shopping, your annual car and house insurance is also a superb saver.  Stationary supplies for your business, don’t just get your VAT back, get some cash back too!

I personally get over £1000 cash back every year, and I’m only buying things I would have bought anyway.

Quidco also have a mobile app allowing you to get cash back in stores too.  Sign up today for free at Quidco.

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