Honey is a great way to save money with any online shopping.

Quite simply Honey is a collection of online coupons which the users of the site update.  So, for example, let us say you are buying something from Argos.  When you get the checkout screen you will see there is a text area for entering a discount code.  This is when you head over to Honey and search for Argos.  You will then be given details of all the different discount codes people have managed to use recently.  Type in the code on the Argos website and enjoy your savings!

Another bonus with Honey is that it is available as a Google Chrome browser extension too.  So if you use Chrome, then get the Honey extension.  It will then automatically tell you when there is a discount code available for the website you are using.  Today I got free delivery from H&M because I had the Honey extension installed.

So why not head over to Honey now and start saving.

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